Certification of workplaces with regard to work conditions
Laboratory studies of work conditions for medical examinations of certain categories of workers

The measuring laboratory EXPERT LAB UKRAINE LLC operates subject to the SLSU letter on laboratory certification acknowledgment No. 581/20/4-5-DP-20 dated 27.01.2020, has state-of-the-art modern equipment and qualified staff with extensive working experience, providing turnkey services on a professional basis within the shortest possible time across Ukraine.

EXPERT LAB UKRAINE LLC carries out sanitary and hygienic surveys of industrial environment factors with the purpose of certification of workplaces with regard to work conditions, namely:

  • work area air study
  • noise load and infrasound study
  • vibration study
  • microclimate study
  • non-ionizing radiation study
  • ionizing radiation study
  • workplace illumination study
  • work difficulty and intensity study
  • study of work difficulty and intensity, physical factors (noise, vibration, microclimate, illumination, non-ionizing (electromagnetic) radiation, ionizing radiation), work area air for content of harmful chemical substances

Certification of workplaces is performed according to the Procedure for certification of workplaces regarding work conditions approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated August 1, 1992 No. 442.

What is certification of workplaces and why it is necessary?

Certification of workplaces is performed at enterprises and organizations regardless of ownership and business pattern and is a comprehensive assessment of all factors of the production environment and work process, where the production processes, involved equipment, raw and other materials are potential sources of harmful and dangerous production factors that can adversely affect the health of employees and their descendants.

Regular certification is performed at least once every 5 years. In addition, mandatory unscheduled certification of workplaces should be performed at the initiative of the employer or the workforce in the event of a radical change in work conditions and nature.

Managers of enterprises and organizations should arrange for an audit of occupational safety, laboratory examinations of working conditions, assessments of the technical condition of production equipment and facilities, certification of workplaces for compliance with legislative and regulatory acts on occupational safety in the manner and within the terms stipulated by the legislation (at least once every five years), take measures on their results to eliminate dangerous and harmful health factors, as well as workplaces, production sites, jobs, professions and positions with preferential retirement benefits, or with regular cash allowances, additional leaves and/or reduced work hours; drawing up certificates of selecting a workforce of employees for periodic medical examination; determination of priority areas of equipment and production processes upgrade, development and implementation of targeted sanitary, hygienic, medical and preventive measures and familiarize the employees with them.


Upon completion of works for certification of workplaces, the following documents are issued:

  • labor conditions certificate
  • protocols of study of harmful factors (sanitary and hygienic, difficulty and intensity of work process, physical factors etc.)
  • photos of the working day
  • calculations of extra payments to tariff rates and duration of additional leave for work in adverse conditions
  • lists of employees who are offered preferential retirement benefits for work in adverse conditions
  • a list of technical and organizational measures to optimize the conditions and nature of work

The responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the work and arrangement of a healthy working environment rests with the employer, but the specificity of production may be directly related to the increased risk and interaction with harmful materials or substances. In this case, the management of the enterprise shall compensate the damage from its activities inflicted to the employee, in accordance with the regulations of the Civil and Economic Codes.

The responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the work and arrangement of a healthy working environment rests with the employer

Compensations may be as follows:

  • provision of extra days (or even a whole period) of leave;
  • increase of wages;
  • providing the necessary protection, including special clothing and other personal protective equipment;
  • issuance of special food and medicines;
  • such employees may also be entitled to preferential pension

Failure to implement the provisions on certification of workplaces under current Ukrainian legislation may be fraught with production disruptions, administrative and even criminal liability.

Each employee shall have his/her own work-space and a workplace with safe and non-hazardous conditions

The measuring laboratory EXPERT LAB UKRAINE LLC has state-of-the-art modern equipment and qualified staff with extensive experience. Rest assured that everything will be performed the best way possible, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, and the obligation to the customer will be fulfilled in a professional, timely and quality manner.

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